A jam-packed week ahead at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town. Starting with a mad Monday filled to the brim with talented artists of every nature. 

Producer Cosher teamed up with the incredible Chad Saaiman on a new single that is sure to engulf the local airwaves as soon as it is released. The deadly combination of Saaiman and Cosher means there is no doubt this electronic pop/soul composition will leave its mark on the local scene. 

But the creativity did not stop there as producer Howard Edward continued his work with the great Wandile Mbambane on his newest EP. With the combined efforts of Cosher Recording Studios and Red Bull Studios, Wandile’s new EP will undoubtedly be a highlight of the musical calendar. 

Talent comes in all forms at Cosher Recording Studios.  The mesmerising presence of professional voice over artist and actress Sandra meant producer Leif Eriksen had a pleasant Tuesday morning of Portuguese corporate voice over work for Huawei. Voice overs can be tricky as there are many variables that need to be accounted for, however there is never a task too difficult for the corporate team here at Cosher Studios.

Back to the music! 

Howard Edward worked with the talented twin duo, Gemi, on their next single. Regulars here at Cosher Recording Studios, these two RnB & Sould masters have met their match in Howard Edward as the three musical virtuosos create some heart-string-tugging masterpieces waiting to grace your ears shortly.

To top off the day, we had local rap group Black Toxic Youth enter our studios again. With the tag-team efforts of producers Leif Eriksen and Howard Edward, the dynamic duo of Martin and Louis, as well as the the state of the art facilities here at Cosher Recording Studios, the new tracks will be nothing but spectacular. They may be young, but these talented boys are set to take the local Hip Hop scene by storm this year after just releasing their debut EP, recorded and produced here at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town.

Probably the busiest day this week at the Studios, Wednesday was bumper to bumper as we had the delight of working with artists across the board.

Kicking off with the lovely Celine for an early 8am recording session with producer Cosher in Studio A. Then moving swiftly to our good friends, Acoustic Element, for an entire day of production and recording with Cosher whilst Leif Eriksen took the helm of the corporate voice over session, with the help of passionate voice-over artist, Kelsey. 

From one voice-over to another, Leif Eriksen then had a session recording Xhosa and English scripts for some more corporate clients. Leif is known for always ensuring the greatest quality, no matter the language. Yet another voice over session, this time with the incredible Zulu linguist, Njabulo. Njabulo is quickly becoming our resident Zulu voice-over master with her easy attitude and enthusiasm. 

To conclude the day, producers Howard Edward and Leif Eriksen started work on a new single that is looking to be a smasher, we will all just have to wait and see… or rather listen.

Thursday was an incredibly exciting day for the entire Cosher team as we had the great Tom James in for an entire day to work on his new single with Berlin producer, Phil, Mark from Native Young and Cosher team producer Leif Eriksen. Tom James, a British artist bursting into the international scene, had a clear cut vision of his art. Tom is a multi-talented musician, fantastic on the vocals, effortlessly laying down line after line of soulful lyrics and melody, as well as a complete monster on the guitar. 

The day was filled with experimentation and creativity as we had the very talented Mark on the marimbas and percussion, with Phil filling in to help boost the drums to a new level. The collaborative project proved to be a success with the final project coming out sounding as smooth as silk. 

Friday, Acoustic Element came to the studios once again with producer Cosher. This dynamic duo is deeply integrated into Cape Town’s music scene, as frequent at gigs as one group can be. The duo teamed up with pop singer & songwriter Amy Tjasink on a song which is all about saving water in the Mother City. The campaign is for The Cape Argus and will be released shortly. Please SAVE WATER folks!

As if the talent wasn’t already overwhelming, the team here at Cosher Studios continued work with talented artists Tumelo in Studio B and Jin in Studio A. 

A lovely Saturday. For most this would be a day off, but not at Cosher Recording Studios. What can we say? We just need to keep working, who else is going to bring hit after hit to your radios and stereos?

An all day session for Leif Eriksen with the incredibly talented singer/songwriter Jean Arnott. The young Jean is a true diamond in the rough, gracing Studio A with her beautiful lyrics and melody, accompanied by Leif Eriksen on the guitar and percussion for her new track, The Colour Blue. The day was a success, completing a whole heart-breaking, dark pop composition from scratch. Watch out for the full EP of the lovely and very talented Jean Arnott, coming soon.