Here is what went down this past week at  Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town.

It started off with a strong start to the week with G-Flat in the studio, working on *’The Language of Love*, the first chapter of his upcoming concept EP, **The Encyclopedia**. With his well balanced mixture of soul & hip hop, G-Flat is an exciting new artist beating down doors in the South African music scene. In a full day session here at Cosher Recording Studios, renowned producer Howard Edward and newcomer Leif Eriksen collaborated with the rapper, singer and songwriter to help navigate an incredibly unique path through contemporary hip hop.

The day started off with G- Flat  hitting the vocals on some brand new and truly mesmerising material with newbie producer Leif Eriksen. The pair hit the grindstone hard with the intoxicating track *’Henny in My System*- a musical representation of alcohol abuse and drug addiction within a relationship.

Caught somewhere between Kendrick Lamar and Kid Cudi, G-Flat is at the peak of his musical diversity and dynamic range with this composition.

Tuesday started with our studio manager, Jake Levin, picking a large bouquet of oopsie daisies. We all thought it a simple task, but we learned very quickly that making coffee has become and endless plethora of micro battles for caffeinated goodness. Hurtling his way through numerous deadly obstacles, the valiant Jake Levin met his match as he stirred the liquid gold to its beany grave (basically he broke the plunger).

After the chaos had subsided and the dust had settled, producers Howard Edward and Leif Eriksen took up their musical thrones and proceeded to create some sweet vibrations. Howard Edward completed yet another solid composition for the talented  singer and songwriter Amy Jones whilst Leif toiled and twisted his way through a fresh batch of library music.

The next day, the team kicked off the day with Hakeem Kae-Kazim, the well known actor, doing some voice over recording for an auspicious event in London for the Top Employers institute. 

We also had the very talented Wandile Mbambane in the Studio working with producer Howard Edward on some new material. Wandile is a great new talent hitting the local music scene hard with his delicate, intricate and intimate performances. His music has been turning heads… or ears… and he is set to become one of South Africa’s biggest new artists. 

Thursday was an early start for the team here at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town. Our newest addition to the long list of regulars is NJ. A truly soulful artist bringing back adult contemporary music with a fresh pop twist. He writes and records all of his own music and it is spectacular. Producer Howard Edward had been working closely with this exciting artist to ensure the best quality possible.

In the corporate department, Leif Eriksen has been working with very talented voice over artists on numerous scripts, but a true front runner in the industry is Namisa. A true talent when it comes to Voice Artistry. Watch out for this young lady in the remake of the classic South African stage production of King Kong.

Friday, we had Amy Jones in at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town. One of the most talented young ladies on our regulars list, Amy is working on some exciting new singles that re-define pop and R&B. With her innovative melodies and interesting lyrics, she is a young up & comer busting down the doors of the music industry. Working with Cosher and Leif, Amy’s newest single is sounding great.

But that was not the end of the talent train here today as, once again, Wandile Mbambane returned to our studio to continue work on his new material with producer Howard Edward.

Later in the evening, the rap and Hip-Hop crew Black Toxic Youth came  back in from a long holiday hiatus. It was good to have them back as they laid down some delicious rhymes over some tasty beats for their new EP.

Sunday we had the pleasure of Top Billing Presenter Jade Hubner coming into the studios to record her debut single. The actress, model and now singer has been working with her team on the release of her single and came into the studios to work with Producer Cosher on her vocals.