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Voiceover For Corporates - Some Starting Points

Whether or not you are aware of it, voice-over is something which you will hear all over the place. Whether it’s a radio Ad, an e-book or even background voice in a film or series, or even if you’re just calling a corporation, it’s likely someone’s recorded voice has been part of your day. 

Corporate voice-over (a type of voice-over sales delivery) conjures up thoughts of people in suits in corner offices and high rise buildings, but voice-over FOR the corporate world is different.

What does corporate Voice-Over mean though? There a number of ways in which a company may use voice-over beyond advertising. Voice-over recordings for corporates can span many different internal processes which occur, or services being offered by a company, big corporation or small enterprise.

In-house training is one of the big uses of corporate voice-over. This could take the form of e-learning books or explainer videos where you could be using a mix of narration or conversational styles of voice-over recording. Internal corporate voice-over focusses within the company itself, these recordings can be released to staff about changes to company processes and policy, new product lines which are being added to company offerings, or any other in house operations which are either changing or need to be discussed throughout the company. One of the main reasons an internal video with voice-over is used is so that there is no need for lengthy meetings which take up time and resources.

External corporate voice-overs focusses on video or audio which has been created for public consumption. This can be in the form of ads for radio or TV, or it can be in the form of longer-form videos or audio that could be used at conventions or shows, either highlighting a specific product or the company as a whole. Product-specific videos often make their way to places online such as YouTube ads as well.

An explainer video can also be used externally, to show new clients how to use a specific product or service that you have created.

Some advice for Corporates looking to do Voice-Over Recording – Should you be a company or business looking to do corporate voice-over recording for any reason, be it advertising or internal, there are a few things to consider in terms of the way you go about looking for artists, choosing script etc.

Microphone and Headphones


Search for people or voice over artists with some experience. Many companies try to cut costs by selecting an employee of the business to do the recording.  Someone from the company from an in-house point of view might better understand the context of what you do as a company, however, these internal company employees often do  not have the experience and quality to match their understanding of the company. This often leads to the employee spending more time in the studio and making more mistakes which will end up costing the company just as much or even more than having professional Voice Over Artist do the work.  Agencies and professional voice-over artists might be more expensive initially, however they spend less time in the studio and make less mistakes which means less costs overall. Additionally, the end recorded product will sound significantly better. 

You can also use a recording done by someone in-house as a baseline layout to then give to a professional to use for a general idea of what you want to be performed.

Know what quality you want your track to be. This doesn’t mean you want an mp3 or a wav file,  what you need to do is look at the platform you require or that you want your material to be on. YouTube and Vimeo use different video quality, facebook has specific size restrictions in terms of pixels and Mb. Know what the kind of quality you need is depending on the platform you’re going to post on.

The Takeaway

Voice Over Recording for corporate purposes is a great and inexpensive way for companies and businesses to replace large meetings, teach and educate employees and to use as material at events or conferences.

If you are a company looking to get corporate voice-over recording done, know what you are looking for in terms of what type of video or audio you need, and what tones of voice you want those to be presented in. Once you have these, do your research and find a good voice with experience.

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