There are many awesome things that happen in a music studio. One of those things is constantly meeting new and different artists and musicians, and subsequently building relationships with them. Here at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town, we get amazing singers, incredible musicians and out of this world producers. But every now and again we get something special…something unique, and that is in the sounds of Acoustic element.

Acoustic element are a duo consisting of a violinist and guitarist based in Cape Town. Doesn’t sound that special right? But wait! The guitarist beat boxes while they perform and over their recorded songs. Now that is something very unique and we are very proud that they chose to work at our music studio in Cape Town.

Acoustic Element first started out doing covers of well known songs. Their talent and skills grew quickly over time to a point where they were signed by Rude World Records. They now also create original music and work with our producers Cosher and Howard Edward at Cosher Recording Studios. Their style is a unique combination of electronic dance/pop/tropical music with guitar and violin instruments recorded over the beat.  Many of their songs are currently playing on the airwaves throughout South Africa.

The new Goldfish? Well yes, but with a twist.

The featured image showcases Jody, the guitarist from Acoustic element, being recorded while playing guitar and beat boxing at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town.