Singer & songwriter Triveno Releases his latest Single “Not Perfect”, produced and recorded at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town and available on all music platforms

A Little But About the Artist

Triveno is a name some of may well be familiar with, because he’s been releasing music for a number of years now. He recently released his latest offer “Not Perfect” at the end of April this year. From work in the self titled band Triveno, to interviews with the YouTube channel “The village Guy”, he’s been around and will definitely not be slowing down any time soon.

The Process of Not Perfect

Triveno came to studio with a demo, which he presented to producer Howard Edward at Cosher Studios. The 2 discussed how to make the track work and what the goal for it was, and then laid down the scratch vocals.

After the scratch had been laid, Howard Edward went into production phase, adding all of the elements that were needed to create a solid pop track. Once the beat was properly laid, the lead guitar lines were then laid down by Triveno, composer Ross Rowley was brought in for a short period to lay down the funky pop bass line.

Final touches were done to the main vocal parts once the production was complete, and vocal harmonies and backups added were added in the chorus section to uplift the feeling of the chorus line.

About the Song

The message behind the song is a current world problem where people feel confused and there being a sense of lack of belonging at time, but ultimately there is always a reason to be positive and keep looking toward the greater truth; that there may be many people out there who look like they’re living their best lives, but ultimately it’s the person that you see when you look in the mirror that you have to be happy with, and that starts with yourself internally.

For  the listener

The song starts off with an uplifting clap and beat, which leads into a lighthearted pop bass and guitar section. The vocals come in with a synth pad in the background laying smooth chord work behind the voice. The movement in the song is held by the bass and guitar throughout which creates a drive which makes a listener want to move.

The pre chorus builds to a very quick drop in volume with a short drum fill, this leads to the main line in the chorus with the catchy line “you don’t have to be perfect”. The line is so catchy, and the harmonised vocals work so seamlessly that you will be singing it for days.

Take a listen to the song here: