A week long songwriting camp took place at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town, hosted by singer/songwriter from Israel/America Oshri.

Oshri is currently looking for songs for his new album and decided to hold a songwriting camp with some of South Africa’s best songwriters and composers. The artist, who is signed under Akon’s label Konvict Muzik, put together different writing groups for each day. The groups consisted of a producer, 2 songwriters and himself. The writers were also divided into ones that are stronger with lyrics and others who are better with melodies.

The first group was Dj Cosher as producer, with well known songwriters Craig Lucas, Caleb Williams and of course Oshri. The brief for the day was to make anything that fits his singing style. A few chords and lyrical ideas were discussed and before long, a beat/backtrack had been made that could be developed at a later stage.

While DJ Cosher worked on the beat/instrumental, the writers were outside with a guitar, coming up with different lyrics and melodies. After a few hours the lyrics were tested with the beat, and it was clear that the beat was too slow.  Subsequently it was sped up with a few rhythmical changes and additions, the whole song started to come together.

Once the song had been written, it was then time for Oshri to lay down the vocals. Even through he would sing them again at the end of the week, he used this opportunity to get accustomed to the song style and vocal delivery needs.

As the day came to an end, final production tweaks were made before Publisher John Fishlock popped in for a visit. Some initial feedback was welcomed and the expected meet and greats followed. Overall, a great start to the camp!

The next day saw Junaid baker as producer, team up with Cape Town singer/songwriter Janice and an original Freshly Ground member, Aron Schwarts. For this day; the group was given lyrics that had already been written in previous writing camps that needed melodies composed and production to support it.

This gave the group a unique challenge trying to turn lyrics into melodies that would suit Oshri’s voice and direction. The team worked well together and after a few hours had a great mid tempo ballad vibe going, backed by some great melodies and counter melodies. Slight lyrical adjustments were welcomed before Oshri’s stepped into the vocal booth to record the vocals.

Another good day was completed with some casual drinks and deep discussions about the industry and personal matters, which is always to be expected at a songwriting camp.

The next day saw a few last minute shuffles as one writer wasn’t able to make it, so Howard Edward stepped in as producer for one of the groups in studio B and saved the day. He was joined by Jimmy Nevis and Oshri where they were briefed on their project for the day. At the same time in studio A, Legends, Cash and Georgia Rose were teamed together to see what they could do from scratch.

The Producers “Legends” spent some time going through some pre-made tracks that might match Oshri’s vision for the album and it didn’t take long before he connected with one piece of music. The writers were then able to focus on writing lyrics for this music while the producers touched it up on the production. An up tempo driving pop ballad was the result of this session with vocals being delivered by “Cash” and “Oshri”.

In studio B,  Jimmy Nevis and Howard Edward (who already worked together on Jimmy’s latest album) were working with a lyrics sheet, putting melodies to poetry that had been written in Israel. The beat was a feel good backtrack and well suited to the feeling of the lyrics.

The 4th writing day saw DJ Cosher as producer in Studio A who was joined by Songwriter and rapper Nyota, as well as singer/songwriter Kerwin. They were all given a lyrical concept that needed to be adapted into a song. A chilled guitar loop was recorded and slowly added to in terms of productions while Kerwin and Nyota tackled the brief with the assistance of Oshri.

Next door in studio B, producer Omri teamed up with Caleb Williams and Jimmy Nevis to work on something from scratch. They came up with a vibey and catchy track with a distinctive Latin / South American feel that seemed like a lot of fun and a perfect way to end off  the last writing day.

The last day of the week was set aside for DJ Cosher and Oshri to spend the day re-recording all vocals and working through the demos to get them into the best shape possible for pitching. This was a slow but focused process and by the end of it all tracks had solid lead vocal takes, harmonies, layers, slicing, and most importantly they all clearly showed  potential.

Overall, 6 songs were made in the week which was a great turnaround. Cosher Recording Studios is proud to have been a part of this process. It was also a great opportunity for networking between different singers and songwriters from Cape Town which allowed for new friendships, potential future collaborations and most importantly great music.

Take a listen to one of Oshri’s songs below: