Cape Town based Giulio Beltramo recently worked with producer Howard Edward at Cosher Recording Studios and released his latest single “Play This Game”. Now the Official Music Video is out and it’s a MUST watch!

Giulio Beltramo is slowly becoming quite a common sight here at Cosher Studios, partially because he is a great artist who is driven to make good music, and also because he never seems to stop creating, which is clearly shown in this incredible video.

His latest offering “Play this Game” is yet another self composed masterpiece which was produced by our very own Howard Edward.

The Process

As is customary when working with Giulio, he came in with his own chord structure and song already written. He spent a few moments playing it through acoustically for Howard Edward who wanted to get a feel for the track, and the process of production began. A scratch track was laid on guitar and vocals to set tempo and feel, and away they went.

Once the scratch was properly laid, the chorus and verses were set and the basic structure of the song was down, the official guitar lines were recorded.

These served as the basis on which the track would be created and also gave Howard Edward a good sense of the right style to use for percussive and bass elements.

Percussion was then added with various elements being used to create rises and falls in different sections as well as to give a distinction between verse and chorus, other than lyrical content.

After this, Lunga, Giulio’s bassist, came through to the studio and laid some bass lines down including some fills which followed the vocal lines just to add a little touch of something different. 

After this was all completed, the final vocal lines were laid, and Composer Ross Rowley was called in to add a touch of piano in certain sections to the later sections of the song.

Giulio and Howard Edward then spent some time selecting vocal harmonies and backing, as well as some more ethereal sounding vocals just to make the track stand out.

For the listener

The song begins with a very short pad, which drops almost instantly into the first verse. The initial instrumentation is light and bouncy, with guitar and vocals and a light clap.

This is quickly joined by bass and some background vocals which create and airy almost mysterious quality, a stark contrast to the lead vocals and instrumentation.

The second half of the first verse adds a kick, and even more drive which perfectly sets the listener up for the coming chorus. Vocal melodies also continue to pop in and out.

The chorus goes full, with guitar, bass, full drum kit and a vocal melody which is beautifully harmonised by multiple backing vocal lines. The background reverb vocals still keep the ethereal quality though, giving the song a beautiful quality not usually found in the indy or light rock genres.

Touch of well placed piano and background instrumentation pepper the rest of the track from the second verse, creating slightly more drive as well as adding to the well placed guitar lines.

Giulio has a unique quality to his voice which lends itself very well to his chosen style, as well as allowing him to show his vocal chops with lines that dance around the key effortlessly.

This song is another hit which is definitely an ear-worm, and is at the very least, difficult to forget once you’ve heard it.

Check the video below