Cape Town singer/songwriter MICH recently released her new track “Going Places” produced by Howard Edward. Now  available on all music platforms

MICH is one of the characters we love to see coming into studio (not least of all because she always brings snacks and wine). In the last year she has quickly become a common sight on a Friday afternoon who brings a positive and uplifting energy with her. “Going places”, is one of number of tracks which she’s been working on at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town with our producer Howard Edward and composer Ross Rowley,

The Process:

MICH came into the studio with her lyrics quite well defined, and a top-line melody already written. She laid down her vocal track with a few different ideas, and eventually had what she felt was the right notation, which set the BPM and the key. Ross Rowley was called in to create a chord structure for the track, which he started on piano. This then allowed for verse and chorus lines to be defined.

Once the bare structure had been laid out, Howard Edward created a trap/EDM style beat, which relied heavily on filtered snares and kicks as well as the fast moving hi-hat lines running across the top, which are defining factors in creating Trap and EDM.

It was decided after working the first verse and chorus that the chorus should become the drop, and as such, the verse then became lower in volume and with more filtered instrumentation to create rises and falls which help the movement of the track.

Howard Edward then set about chopping up the vocal lines which had been sung, in order to be able to play with more elements and to add another layer to the production of the track.

Studio owner and producer DJ Cosher then came in with some suggestions, set about adding some synthesized vocal effects to amplify the EDM feel of the track and also to help in creating a memorable hook line which keeps the listener engaged.

For the Listener:

The track starts out with slow, reverb chord and cymbal lines, which are followed by the vocals of the first verse.

MICH’s voice hits a smooth Alto tone which is warm and feels almost recognisable. Slowly over the verse other elements are added until the pre chorus. 

During the pre chorus build up, harmony vocals are added to the main line which really assist in the build up, this is also where one can hear the chopped vocal elements and hook line.

The drop hits with MICH’s unique top register, a beautiful and smooth sound which is a pleasure to listen to. At this point the beat, which has been subtly growing ,suddenly also becomes a prominent feature of the track, with a classic trap style snare and kick line, along with it’s triplet and fast runs in the hi hats.

The track continues on this path with dips and rises in all of the right places, well placed vocal and harmony lines and a relaxed drive which just keeps giving.

At this point it’s already on radio and sharing space with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Avicci with UK based Music Week calling it “A powerful Drop”.

We cannot wait to share more of her tracks with you, until then, you can listen to Going places here


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