Voice Over recording is an art form and, like any art, needs to be nurtured and created by artists. If the Voice Over Artist is the painter, the recording studio is responsible for the brush, paint and pallet. At Cosher Recording Studios, we have all the tools to create a Voice Over masterpiece. Our brushes are our pro microphones, our paint is our industry-grade software and our pallets take the form of our experienced producers. 

Brands That We Have Worked For:

Here are a few reasons why our clients choose our voice over recording services:

Industry Standard Facilities

We have professional, industry standard recording facilities including 3 vocal booths

Experienced Sound Engineers

We have certified and experienced sound engineers who can record, track, edit, mix and master

High-End Equipment

We have the T67 -Tul Microphone which is based on the Neumann U67 microphone (one of the world’s best vocal microphones)

Professional Music Production

Original music composition, stings and jingles can be made by our in-house producers and composers

Quick Turn Around

We are efficient and have a quick turn around time for voice over recording projects. The files will be edited, mixed and sent to the clients on the same day as the recording

Database of Voice-Over Artists

If needed, we have a database of voice over recording artists ranging in age, sex, race, experience and price. Additionally we can source other artists from our affiliated voice over agency

Competitive Pricing

Our price is competitive and we are happy to provide discounts for bulk work and long term agreements.

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