Recently The Voice – South Africa Semi-Finalist Robin Pieters came into Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town over a few days to create his first, original single.
Robin Pieters is a professional singer and songwriter from Cape Town who recently took part in ‘The Voice – South Africa’s’ first competition. Robin studied music at the Cape Music Institute and since then has starred in many musical productions such as Orpheus in Africa. Additionally he has done backup vocals for many well established South African artists, even opining for international acts Tevin Campbell and Tamia. Robin wanted to focus on his solo career and was given the opportunity to show his talent in The Voice and blew away the coaches after his incredible Blind Audition where he eventually chose to be part of Team Lira.
After his successful run in the competition, Robin set his sights on releasing his first single and decided to chose Cosher Recording Studios, the best music recording studio in Cape Town (definitely no bias there), to produce and record his first song. Before the recording process, Robin focused on his song writing over a certain type of style of production in his mind. Once he came into the studio, the Producers Cosher and Howard Edward worked with Robin and bounced off ideas in terms of production and lyrics. After a few discussions and experiments, Robin decided on a certain direction for the song which meant that he had to change and add lyrics to the song, especially for  the chorus and hook. The producers then worked on a basic skeleton beat with the correct chords and scales to give Robin a platform to prepare and practice. During the process, the producers worked on the backtrack, editing and arranging it to Robin’s needs.
This whole process happened over a few days to a point where everything was perfect for Robin. It was a great experience working with such a talented artist, especially in the songwriting department. Robin’s willingness to also trust our producers also added to the great recording atmosphere where there was synergy between the producers and the artist. The song was then mixed and mastered and his now ready to be released.
Keep an eye out for this single which is surely going to take South Africa by storm.