Singer, songwriter and recording artist Amy Tjasink recently produced and recorded her debut album at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town.

Amy Tjasink is a local from Cape Town who has always been a gifted musician and singer and decided to produce and record her debut album this year, luckily she chose the right place at Cosher Studios 😉

The project took place over 5 consecutive days in the studios. The genre was country, folk, and pop. The producers were Cosher and Howard Edward and we also used another producer/sound engineer, Jonny Dose’, who specialises in bands, live instruments, jazz, rock,, country, blues etc…

Amy wrote all of the lyrics and top line melodies for all of her songs and used our producers to facilitate her ideas into songs through a combination of live and studio recordings, and electronic production.

Jonny Dose’, who is also a professional session guitarist, played electric and acoustic guitar pieces over her tracks while David Raas played bass. Producer Howard Edward and Cosher electronically produced a ‘live’ drum sound and incorporated other synths and sounds into her tracks. Amy also played acoustic guitar and was the singer on all of her tracks.

Amy is a relaxed and very easy person to work with which made the whole producing and recording process smooth and fun. However, what made things even more easier was the fact that she knew exactly what she wanted with all her tracks which gave our producers and sound engineers at Cosher Reocridng Studios, in Cape Town, a clear direction.

Most of her tracks are completed for the album with the exception of two more songs which still need to be recorded. Once she has finished all of her tracks,  mixing and mastering will take place at Cosher Studios.

The album is called Average Jane will be released later this year,  it was a pleasure working with a genuine person with genuine talent. Keep an eye out for her in the future