The first few months of 2018 has been one of our busiest periods yet, with more music coming out of Cosher Recording Studios than ever before. Just as everything seemed to have calm down to normal levels, we were approached by an agency to create music for an advert for one of their clients, F5WC;  the world’s biggest global 5 a side football event.

The purpose of the advert was to promote and market the 2018 event to be held in Shanghai, China, across TV and Social Media platforms

The production process for adverts is very different from our musical projects for artists and musicians , but because of the experience of our crew in both music and film, and with great support and face to face input from the Agency’s Director, we were able to put together a great emotional track for a hard hitting, slick advert.


“My job, is to tell the bits and pieces that they can’t elegantly tell with words and pictures” – Hans Zimmer on writing the soundtrack for Interstellar


Writing soundtracks for film or adverts requires a few elements to be in place before the first note is put down. The director will always have a vision for the end product, and this means that  a composer or producer needs to align themselves to the vision. Whether you’re behind the camera or behind a mixing desk, you’re telling a story.

The director will shoot the picture for the film first, and once this is (for the most part) locked down, a composer will sit down with the footage and try to bring out elements of the story which need to be built upon. What makes a composer’s task difficult, is that there is always a pull between his or her own artistic outlook and the director’s creative vision. The best way to join the two is in the story telling itself. Once you’re on the same page as the director, you begin to see what it is the they want to say in an artistic context, and you use this as a way to create a type of emotional door which opens the audience to getting to grips with what they’re watching. In a way, a composer and producer are also directors, which is both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time, because the director has given his art to you, with the expectation of you then creating something in line with it.

This is what happened for us. We received a copy of the first draft edit, and Ross Rowley, our in-house composer went straight to work creating a theme which was in line with what the director had sent in his reference tracks. Once that was done, the long process of creating the perfect track started. Hed producer Cosher headed up the musical side of the project, and along with DSB, one of our well versed producers, they were hard at work with the director to make the track come to life in all of its facets. Ross was on hand to provide compositional advice where needed.

The process involved hard, late nights, giving the ad what it needed, as well as to create the musical soundscape which added the perfect balance of energy to the final product.

What evolved was a track which starts of with a slow, beautiful piano melody, and low, undercurrent electronic movement, becoming a higher energy and hard hitting backdrop to the action which happens on screen. We’re sure you’ll all agree that the final product shows the level of hard work and commitment from both the film crew and our studio’s production staff.  

Take a look at the ad below. If you are interested in our original music composition services then feel free to contact us