Music is primarily an art form, meaning that it requires a lot of creativity. For composers and writers this is often quite a challenge since we are constantly in a state of creative thinking.

What is original music composition?

For many of us, when we think of the work composition, we think of composing in the classical sense, and it conjures up pictures of Beethoven or Mozart. Whilst this is one meaning, the modern context is somewhat different. Composition nowadays refers to anyone who has come up with a theme or a set of chords which can be made into a piece of music, rather than just the entire piece in its complete form. Whether you’re sitting with a pencil or paper, or an iPad with Garageband, you can compose an original piece of music, or at least a hook or a bass line which defines a song in some way.

How does this fit in to the music industry?

The industry is filled with people who are constantly using ideas to create something, whether that be a hip hop artist using someone else’s jazz chords from the 1920’s or a modern film composer looking to find something to put into his music to make it stand out. In the past music was either something you had to train for years at, or something which you could only do if you could afford it. Technology has brought the creative space of music into the hands of almost anyone, which has both positive and negative effects. The positive is that there is more music out there, and there will be real gems among those. The not so great part is that there is a lot of sub standard music and you have to filter out the noise to get to the really good stuff.

Where music composition is right now?

Music and visuals have forever been interlinked in many ways. In Ancient Greece music for entertainment would have been performed along with a play or drama. During the Classical Ancient era and into the Dark Ages music was purely relegated to worship in the West, making it a purely aural experience and only found in the church. After this it became the forerunner in the Baroque era, especially with the popularity of large orchestras and the technology of new instruments, meaning that orchestras were now the focus, and going to watch the orchestra was somewhat like going to watch film nowadays. Opera was a dramatic form which mixed both the musical and dramatic, and it grew in popularity during this 500-600 year period.

In the modern era, we have gone back to music serving the purpose of the visuals, as film and video has become more prevalent and much more consumable across the spectrum of humanity. Video content is reliant on music to create the mood which visuals can’t always portray. In the same way, especially with pop music, a musician is reliant on video because video is more often consumed than purely music, meaning that audiences need both in order to be satisfied, hence the rise of the music video as a medium.

Modern composers need to always have visuals in mind. Speaking from a composer’s perspective, it’s even a necessity to have one piece of film in mind when writing a piece of music (or, at the very least, a bare-bones idea of the shots you’d like your music to play along to).

What to compose

It’s also very important to know which sounds are being used, for instance, hybrid music is a mix of classical instruments and modern electronic sounds and is used in a lot of sci fi and modern futuristic film, but also gets used in ads and TV more often than not. Epic music uses mostly orchestra with very minimal elements of modern electronic instruments, and is more geared towards films about historical events and fantasy. Pop, Hip hop, rock, and contemporary music is geared towards the more modern or current visuals while pop songs are often bought by film companies to portray a particular decade or era of the last 50-100 years.

What does this mean for a studio?

At Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town, we are very aware that different styles of visual mean different music, and we have to be flexible in terms of our ability to create anything from classical and world music to ultramodern contemporary and even sci fi based futuristic music. Keeping up to date with trends in music is part of the daily job for producers and composers alike, and this often means spending time watching films and TV shows as well as searching the internet for the most up to date songs on the charts in all spheres of music. It also means that we have to keep our software up to date and constantly move with the times.

What can we offer you

Because we have a dedicated team of professional producers and an in-house film based composer, we have the ability to create music to suit the mood of any visuals which need that extra power from the sound department. No matter the style or pace, we cater to a wide variety of needs, and we are able to produce original music and soundscapes which can fit to any brief. We also have an ever growing library of tracks available for you to choose from, so as a film or visual creator you have the ability to choose while also making sure your producer doesn’t have to fret about going over budget.

Check out one of our projects below to see what we can do. We did all the audio post production including the music, Voice Over recording, SFX and final mix.