To start a new week at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town we need a few ingredients; two talented VO artists (Namisa & Stephan), a few dashes of scripts from our clients, one well-placed microphone and a healthy helping of VO engineer, Leif Eriksen. What we have is a perfectly baked session that everyone can enjoy. One of our clients have entrusted our studio with numerous scripts and have never been disappointed. How could anyone be with such amazing work from our two most regular VO artists?

On the music side of things, one of Nigeria’s biggest up and coming artists Kuti Lego came in to work with Producer Howard Edward (HE) on some Afro-pop, specifically targeting the Nigerian market. Howard Edward is fast becoming one of South Africa’s best producers with tracks ‘Moonshine’ & ‘Calling’ already circulating the airwaves of South Africa. The producer, who also occasionally sings, is well-known for his hip-hop production. However, being the passionate man that he is, HE has also produced RnB, Pop, Afro-pop, house, alternative and dance for a variety of south African artists. He is currently working on his latest single ‘Lost in the City’.

NJ, one of our newest regular artist, has the voice, talent and drive to really make a quiet day very full. NJ is a soul singer with an unique mix of contemporary adult music, jazz, funk, pop and RnB. His songwriting has truly grabbed the ears of the team here at Cosher Recording Studios and we can not wait to share it. An artist of this calibre, combined with the experienced production skills of Howard Edward, means only one thing… complete and total musical bliss.

Voice over recordings for Huawei kickstarted the new month of February. We really enjoy it when our Voice over sessions span numerous languages. Maybe it has something to do with the musical elements of foreign tongues? Either way, there is no better way to start a day than seeing a few of our favourite multilingual artists. It is also pretty exciting to know that the work you are apart of will be heard all over the world.

As far as our musical talent goes, we had the pleasure of meeting a brand new client, Recardo. With producer Howard Edward at the helm, there was no better introduction to everything Cosher Recording Studios has to offer. Recardo loved the everything so much that he extended his original 2 hour booking to a 5 hour booking. We love you too Recardo.

Thursday started off with Cape Grind Records coming in for the whole day to record vocals on beats/backtracks/instrumentals that they already had.  Many of our hip hop clients have a reliable source for their beats and are looking for a professional recording studio to record their vocals and to mix and master their tracks. Other clients use producers Howard Edward or Cosher to custom produce a beat to their liking.

To end things off at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town, we had everyone’s favourite young rap duo, Ying Yang, in the house for a tasty tag team session with Howard Edward and Leif Eriksen in studio A. Grimy and rough, these young cats have some real potential as they concentrate their writing on hard – hitting realities in their everyday life.