Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town is now offering a range of lyric videos.

We all know that music videos are extremely important for artists and musicians, especially in the digital era we live in now. Artists need an online presence, and having video content is a great way to get exposure through platforms such as TV, social media, websites and Youtube. With a video, artists will be viewed as a ‘professional’ or ‘having made it’ which goes along way to boost or establish a certain image, especially as the music industry is extremely competitive.

However, knowing the importance of music videos, there is a huge barrier to entry for up and coming or independent artists…cost. Even if you decide to  film the whole thing yourself and use a smartphone (there have been some great music videos filmed by an iPhone),  there are other costs such as location, film crew, lights, equipment, editing etc…which adds up and even the most basic music video will require a large budget.

However, there is a solution…LYRIC VIDOES

Lyric videos are a great budget option for video content. They can be used for marketing & promotional purposes, they are professional and most importantly, they look amazing!

Check out the lyric video for Cosher‘s remix of Jay Paul‘s ‘Perfect Gentleman’ featuring Chad Saaiman

For the entire month of May you can get R1000 off and pay only R2500 for a lyric video of your own.

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