Local Duo Locnville released their latest single, “Trophy” with vocals recorded, and music mixed and mastered at Cosher Recording Studios.

Having top South African acts come into the studio is always a pleasure, and we had just such an opportunity recently when Locnville approached us to record some vocals on their latest release, Trophy, featuring hip-hop artist Khumz.

A little backstory 

 Locnville was kind enough to give us some insight into creation of the track

How did the track actually come about?

Andrew: The beat was made a while ago and I actually had totry to convince Brian that there was something there. One night we were having a few drinks and getting merry so I figured that was my chance to prove it was something, so we started playing it and signing around and then Brian sang that hook and that was that. I’m a huge fan of Afro-beat music so there’s definitely that influence in there. The track is celebrating people in your life that really hold you up and show you that they’re proud. 

Brian: It actually came about when Andrew made the original beat, which he’d named Trophies – I wasn’t convinced at first, so we sat with it for quite a while. Then one night, Drew played the beat again and I started singing ‘You lift me up for everyone to see, my trophy’ and then we both really liked the concept and starting working on it more until it became what it is today.

What was your inspiration? 

Andrew: For me, I was looking to do something that would be a good single and have a uniquely Afro-beat inspiration to it because I’ve been listening to that. For some reason, I’d named the beat session ‘Trophies’ and that just kind of stuck. The music definitely gives that sort of celebratory feel that you’d associate with that. 

Brian: As I mentioned before, the beat itself was called Trophies – so when I was freestyling lyrics, I started toying around with the title of the beat, and it all snowballed from there.

How did Khumz get involved in the final product? 

Andrew: That was actually a really last minute thing, we’d finished the track with both of our verses but at the 11th hour knew that it needed some sweet vocals to back up what we were doing and just add that bit of spice. Khumz laid a verse one night and sent it over and it just resonated so we decided to roll with that, he did a great job. 

Brian: We like to always have light and shade on a song, so we both knew that Trophy needed a feature. I’d actually heard about Khumz a few years prior from Ameen Harron, and I liked what he was doing. So it worked out perfectly when he ended up getting signed to Warner, because we were able to make the collaboration really seamless – and Khumz was the perfect light to our shade.

The Process from the studios point of view

It was studio owner and founder Cosher himself that took the vocal recording, and since he was a fan of Locnville for a long time, this meant that working with the duo was quite a special moment.

Cosher had this to say –

“I have worked with Locnville before, but it was slightly different in that they brought their own engineer in to work in our space. This time however, I played the role of engineer and tracked, produced and mixed their vocals. The combination of their voices is very unique and as a fan of their earlier music, to now be able to be part of the process of making the voices sound great was a fantastic experience on a personal level. A few things such as exploiting the layering of melodic harmonies was something slightly new to them and I think it came out really well at the end of the recording process. Although I didn’t get to really be involved in Khumz’ part of the song I really enjoy the African flavour that this song has, while keeping it’s definite, recognisable Locnville feel”

Cosher worked on the original version of the track prior to the addition of Khumz vocals, but one of the things working with the twins that stood out from the tracking point of view is that each line was at most one or 2 takes.

Cosher added “It’s really nice to see guys at the top of their game still paying attention to detail and being so professional. One brother would go into the booth and lay down a vocal in 1 or 2 takes, then the other would go in and be able to layer that audio in almost perfect unison, giving them their iconic sound. This isn’t commonly found even in the highest profile recording sessions, as no 2 people are on such similar wavelengths without hours of preparation and rehearsal. ”

For the listener: 

The track is a classic Locnville track, with its touches of electronic and hip hop influences. There is a touch of South African flavour to the song which can’t be ignored, which specifically comes from the mix of chordal instrumentation and rhythm elements.

The track starts out with a mix of kick and chords, creating an uplifting and positive mood and attracting the listener to buy in to what’s coming. The vocal lines from the chorus are also present here which create a vocal hook and a great intro to the coming chorus, which is how the track really kicks off.

The chorus is a mix of driving kicks, fast moving top end percussion and clear vocal lines, with harmonies and vocal chops playing their part to make the chorus both punchy and fun to listen to.

After a short drop, Khumz comes in with the verse which he delivers in his inimitable style, serving up a fresh and fun sound which really gives the track an uplifting feel.

We won’t say more, and encourage you to check out the track which is out on all major platforms!

More music has also been done by Locnville at Cosher Studios in the last month which also heavily involved our Studio B engineer Tanner Mason, so stay tuned for more info about the next releases coming from the twins!