Nego releases his latest single “Get it”, recorded at Cosher Recording Studios, Cape Town.

Recently, local Hip Hop artist and relative newcomer Nego came into the studio to work with Howard Edward on his latest release, “Get It”, and will very soon be releasing a video to accompany the track.

It’s always great to see artists come into the studio who have both talent and professionalism. Nego is no exception. His calm, relaxed vibe gives off the energy of someone who is comfortable in himself, and his quiet confidence comes to the fore when he starts spitting bars.

The Process

During the first session, Nego came in to work with Howard Edward, bringing his own verse lyrics. Whilst they were working on the beat Nego came up with his hook line.

Initially, they both thought the track sounded a little too dirty and perhaps a little too explicit for radio, so they took some time to listen and rethink the track, and at their second session together they came up with cleaner verses and reworked the beat.

Howard Edward’s voice is also on the track, creating a catchy pre-hook line, which allows the track to breathe.

For the listener

The track starts with a relaxed mix of synthesised chordal work and Nego dropping some lines with filtered vocals. This prepares the listener for the incoming vocals, with a driving 808 beat and the Rapper’s punchy lines cutting through.

The chorus line speaks about the classical theme of having to hustle for what you have and being able to have a level of pride in what you do because of it.

Timely drops of the beat and musical cuts are a feature of the track that keep the listener engaged. This allows the vocals to be the centrepiece of an otherwise driving and ultimately attitude filled song that audiences are set to enjoy.

About the Artist

Nego’s interest in music began around age 12, as an escape mechanism from his surroundings in a working-class neighbourhood. He used his rhyme and lyric writing as a way to block out the negatives which he saw in his community. He rapped on street corners in his neighbourhood and did anything he could to expand his reach, getting his name out at every opportunity from street corners to school, and even church.

He got introduced to production and became truly hooked around age 17, and he hasn’t looked back since, upskilling himself by recording artists in his areas as well as teaching himself the fundamentals of guitar.

He sacrificed his music for a while in order to help his family move from where they were to a better place, but an addition to his family, his own child, has given him the inspiration to begin pursuing music again.
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