Lize Mynhardt recently collaborated with Producer/DJ Cosher for her debut single which took place at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town.

Lize is a South African singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Cape Town, she became interested in performing from a very young age. She started playing piano and acoustic guitar from the age of six and, never having been able to read music, played everything by ear. From thereon, realising that she has a natural talent for any musical instrument, she learnt to play the drums, bass, banjo, violin and electric guitar.

During her school years at Somerset House and Somerset College, Lize was very involved in music concerts and cultural events and eventually became the cultural prefect at her high school. She participated in every music event as the accompanying instrumentalist to other singers, until she decided to try singing in her final year at school. Realising that she could (and loved to) sing, Lize focused mainly on a vocal career going forward and made a name for herself by singing at local restaurants, wine farms, weddings and corporate events, accompanying herself on guitar or piano. She only played acoustic covers of popular songs as she hadn’t written any original material yet. Her schooling, although she had music as a subject, was geared for medicine but she decided to take a different route once finishing school.

After Lize matriculated in 2011, she decided to do a higher certificate in music recording and live sound at Cape Audio College. From this she moved on to Stellenbosch University to study BComm Law, in need of something more challenging. After completing her first year, her music career really stared to take off so she continued in a business direction with BComm Financial Management. Not long into her second year, she decided to enter a singing competition on Maties radio station MFM allowing the winner to skip the first round of auditions of Idols Season X. She won this competition by singing Sunday Morning by Maroon 5, went to the Idols audition and the next thing she knew she had made it to the Top 16 Live Shows. After dedicating a whole year to participating in Idols, Lize ended being placed 2nd runner up in the competition.

Since then Lize has become an established performing artist primarily focusing on covers. This year however, she finally wanted to launch her solo career and focus on her songwriting. She decided to work at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town and collaborate with head producer Cosher on her debut single. There was incredible chemistry between them and they easily worked together, eventually ending up with her debut single called ‘Dared to Daydream’, which is currently playing on the airwaves across South Africa. She plans to release her debut EP in 2017