Rising Star Kerwin releases his debut EP – Touch is love, produced at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town.

One of the artists who has become a regular sight (and sound) here at Cosher Recording studios over the past few years is Kerwin. A talented and humble performer, he fell in love with music early at the tender age of 5. Now well into his 20’s he’s a passionate and driven singer and songwriter, who in his own words, has a dream to inspire South Africa.

His first release done with Cosher Studios was called Whela Kapela, a fun R&B style track with a touch of Cape Town flavour (hence it’s name), that enjoyed local and national radio play.

Now he is releasing his debut EP, Touch is Love and it’s looking like this 5 track masterpiece will be setting a high bar from which he is set to keep moving.

A little about the EP

The 5 tracks on the EP are; the title track (Touch is Love), What You Do To Me, My Place, Digits, and Better Man.

Each track has its own unique flavour, ranging from R&B and Pop to light even light acoustic. This shows just a little bit of the range of styles that Kerwin is delving into.

Simultaneously, there is a level of maturity becoming evident in the artist’s vocal range and sound.  This reveals a level of dedication and practice which is something we hope to see more of in the future.

Our Involvement

Cosher Studios’ Howard Edward was an integral part of the creative side of the EP with his interesting and dynamic production style, while studio owner Cosher added his knowledge and oversight. Kerwin came into studio often to write or finalise lyrics and compose, leaving mix and mastering to Howard Edward’s capable ears. Composer/Musician Ross Rowley also has his hand in parts of the EP, with the guitar track written for Better Man having been laid down by him, as well as assistance with composition throughout. 

Much of the musical creative process involved Kerwin coming to the studio with vocal ideas or a few lyrics written down. He typically spent a few hours with Howard Edward, resulting in a solid base for a track which would be polished over a few weeks or on occasion, even less.

A good example of the this is the title track. Kerwin came in with melody and lyrics which he presented to Howard Edward. They created a song which was going to b the finished track, but after a week the singer came in with changes he thought would work. Whilst the final product has taken elements from the original, the final track is almost a completely new song. Once again what this shows is Kerwin’s dedication to his music and his drive to perfect his art.



Already beginning to make waves in the Cape Town and the broader South African music scene, the title track has been performed on the S.A morning infotainment show, Expreso. The EP is set to take off soon, with some singles like Digits already having found play on radio stations nationally.

If Kerwin keeps the level of momentum up that we’ve seen from this EP, we will be seeing far more of him in the not too distant future.
You can catch the EP on all mobile platforms, iTunes, Spotify and more by clicking here.


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