Kerwin & Chad Saaiman teamed up together to release their new track “No Feelings” produced by Howard Edward at Cosher Recording Studios, Cape Town.

One of the things we frequently talk about on our blog is the fact that collaboration is one of the best ways to create really great music. Recently, Kerwin and Chad Saaiman, two regular faces at the studio, chose to collab on a track, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

The Process:

Initially Kerwin came into the studio to work with Howard Edward. He had a voice note which consisted of a chord pattern played by his pianist, with him singing over it.

Ross Rowley, our in-house composer, was called in to lay down a base chord structure using the same chords, and once that was completed, kerwin went into the booth and created his scratch vocal.

Kerwin’s pianist was then called into studio and laid down the full chord track which enabled the song be put together properly.

Howard Edward and Kerwin then spent painstaking hours on the track, creating the drums together. Kerwin created vocal lines which he wanted done on guitar. These were then laid down by Kerwin’s guitarist later on. Kerwin also freestyled a vocal idea for the hook.

Both Kerwin and Howard Edward then spent time on deciding how the drop should work, and it was decided that the music should be dropped out and the bass groove which Howard Edward had come up with, should be used as the lead instrument before the chorus.

Once this was done, Kerwin took the song to Chad Saaiman, who immediately decided to add vocal harmonies and hop on a verse as well. The bridge became a call and response style with both vocalists singing and harmonising, as well as singing under one another for the final chorus.

For the listener:

The track starts off with a relaxed beat and chords, with the kick and hi-hats creating a drive.

Kerwin’s vocals come in with a smooth and calm feel, while the track keeps steady pace under him. This sets up the feel for the track as a whole, with a relaxed drive which remains consistent throughout.

The second half of the verse starts on “Got nothing left to lose” with the chords becoming more rounded and some more bass being added to them without an actual bass instrument on the bottom end. Kerwin’s vocal chops also start to show here as he bounces on a perfect fifth through the lines he is singing.

The pre chorus adds the guitar element on top which can be heard in the backdrop, creating a slight lift in preparation for the chorus.

The instruments then immediately drop out with Kerwin’s silky vocal sitting perfectly in the pocket before the bass comes in and the chorus starts. This once again shows Howard Edward’s ability to show restraint where needed, as well as creating the perfect sound to add to a moment musically.

The chorus remains calm and metered, with the same chord pattern but this time with the bass running below. It ends on a musical break with guitar lead and some electronic elements creating a beautiful wash of sound before Chad Saaiman’s verse starts. In stark contrast with Kerwin’s silky smooth and calm vocals, Chad Saaiman’s vocal is a quietly powerful and confident sound. This juxtaposition is part of what really makes the track.

Following this the listener can be assured of some great harmonies and production, with both vocalists showing both their skill and in some ways allowing the listener a glimpse into what their personal friendship entails.