Here is the official Music Video for Cosher‘s latest single ‘Just Come Home (Rework) Feat. Chelsea Nicole

Cape Town based producer/DJ Cosher’s latest single off his upcoming album ‘Certified’  is the rework of one of his earlier songs called ‘Just Come Home’  featuring Chelsea Nicole.

The original vocals were sped up, in a process called ‘time compression expansion’ and put through an updated mix process at Cosher Recording Studios, before the production was redone to be aligned with the uplifting dance sound of his album.

The song got its exclusive first radio play on the Coke Top 40 on KFM on the 10th of February with Carl Wastie and received overwhelming positive feedback. Currently the song has been playlisted by 18 radio stations in South Africa.

The song tells a story about a couple in a long distance relationship during a war which keeps them apart. The song however is positive and the message is that no matter how important the thing is keeping a couple apart; the relationship is more important.

The upcoming album ‘Certified’ is a producer album which features a different vocalist on each track: this album includes some great local and international talent including Jimmy Nevis, Mathew Gold, Alexandra May, Chad Saaiman, Alicia Madison (USA), Georgia Rose, AliThatDude, Lakota Silva, Janice, and others. As well as co-productions with local producer Tristan Carmichael and international producer Marcela (Columbia)”

Video by Joshua La Grange Films