Just Clegg recently worked on his first single at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town.

The musician has been in the music industry for a long period, predominantly playing as a guitarist, bassist and singer in various bands, only recently deciding to try and create a solo recording artist career.

With many years of experience and knowledge, Just Clegg has focused and fine tuned his singing and songwriting capabilities to a point where he felt comfortable enough to work in a recording studio. Initially, Just Clegg came in for a meeting as a member of  band and our head producer Cosher showed him and the band some of the songs he has produced for clients in a variety of genres. Seeing the diversity and quality in Cosher’s production, Just Clegg was interested and decided to work at Cosher Recording Studios for his first debut single.

The songwriter has written plenty of songs in the past which have a country, folk, rock feeling to them. However, he didn’t want to go down the same route and used Cosher’s urban, electronic production to create a ‘new sound’ on one of the songs he had already written. After a few days in the studio the final song was an incredible fusion of pop, electronic dance with a country/folk voice from Just Clegg.

There was great synergy between the artist and producer and the overall working process was a joy as Just Clegg worked in professional manner with clear goals and objectives. We can’t wait for the release of the song and to work on his next single next month.