Recently, South Africa’s well known hip-hop artist and musician, Ifani, collaborated with an 18 member gospel choir at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town. Yip, you heard right, a gospel choir and hip-hop colloboration. What made it even more exciting, and difficult, was the fact that there were 18 members in the choir accompanied by a musical director.

The genre was a fusion of EDM Dance musicĀ and gospel, while Ifani rapped for the vocals. Very interesting and unique while the final outcome was a pleasant surprise, always trusting Ifani to take things to the next level!

Ifani recorded his vocals in the vocal booth at our music studio, while the gospel choir were recorded in the live room.

For the gospel choir, the first thing we did was record the guide with the whole gospel choir i.e. the tenor, bass, alto and soprano while using different directional microphones to separate each section of the choir in the live room. Omni directional microphones and room mics were also used to pic up reverb. Then the choir was separated into groups and we recorded each section at a time with a combination of close mic placement using the Tul fed 47s, room mic and omni directional mic placement for recording. They used the guide and recordedĀ their specific pieces and afterwards we put it all together to provide more separates and layers for the sound engineers for mixing and mastering.

It was another great experience at Cosher Recording Studios, in Cape Town. We enjoyed the process of discovering the best way to record such a large choir regarding mic placement techniques. Everything was made possible due to the size of our vocal booth and live room which could accommodate a large gospel choir, 18 members to be exact.

Producers and sound engineers Cosher and Howard Edward were involved in this project.