Hunter (now know as Hunter Blue) Releases his latest track “Mona Lisa Man” produced by Howard Edward.

There are a few artists who come into the studio who leave an impression the way the Hunter Blue does. His unique sense of style and his outgoing and positive nature are part of the package, and his dedication to his art show in everything he’s been doing with us. One of many tracks which was produced at Cosher Recording Studios, Mona Lisa Man is the first to be released of a few great (and also very different) tracks which have been cooking in our main studio. Working closely with Howard Edward and Ross Rowley, his latest offerings are set to be a musical experience for any listener.

The Process

Hunter Blue came in with a set of vocals which he presented to producer Howard Edward. The scratch track on the first verse was laid and Ross Rowley was called in to assist with the creation of the chord lines and bass lines. The creative process got going quite quickly, with Ross laying down chords in only a few minutes, being inspired by Hunter Blue’s back story to the track. Howard Edward then began to play with various instruments choices on these, which it was decided, were going to be strings. These became the same string stabs which form a basis of much of the track. Under these, a set of synthesizer chords were also laid, which created the main lines over which Hunter Blue then laid his main vocals.

Once Hunter’s main lines were done, Howard Edward then began to work through the process of creating the beat. Rhythmic yet subtle sounds were selected for the song, as the vocal lines blended well with these, as did the chord structure.

Vocal stabs were also added for the pre-chorus section in order to beef up the lines and also to create a slight build up before the chorus.

The song incorporates many different elements which make it quite unique, mixing an urban beat which is very subtle with orchestral strings and synthesizers, this creates an open and almost whispered vocal. These subtleties are definitely what give the track both a creative drive but very specific feel which any listener is set to enjoy. 

For the Listener

The song starts with light, melodic stabs on strings and a short sweep which takes you into the first verse quickly and seamlessly. Hunter Blue’s vocals lead the verse chords as an almost whispered tone, over a very light synth and beautiful moving line.

Slowly, the verse builds and adds the string stabs back and a very light lead reminiscent of an 80’s blockbuster film. The beat remains understated and relaxed, with the vocals creating moving yet sultry atmosphere.

The chorus shows off some of Hunter Blue’s vocal chops as he gives the chorus lines more punch, and with his unique style they continue the feeling of sensuality throughout. The Mona Lisa man lyric keeps the listener engaged whilst the music builds under the chorus, this ends in a lofi drop off after the chorus to take the listener back to the next verse which once again drops the listener back into the rhythm.

The whole track keeps a light, but beautiful and sensual feeling, showing the skill that Howard Edward has in terms of holding back when necessary. This, along with the chordal work from Ross Rowley, make the song a winner.