If lockdown has proven one thing, it’s that true artists don’t stop creating, whatever the situation is. 

This is true for the latest release from Cosher Recording Studio’s very own Howard Edward & Jimmy Nevis. 

The latest collab between these two powerhouse music makers was birthed back in 2019, in a session during an evening which had them working together writing for singer/songwriter Oshri, another of the faces we get to see quite often in the studio.

During a break in the writing, they sat down and Howard Edward mentioned that he had a fresh beat he wanted Jimmy to hear, which Jimmy then began to freestyle to. Flash forward a few weeks, and Howard Edward had begun to form a solid idea of what this track would entail.

The Process

One of the melodies which Jimmy Nevis had been freestyling on the night, kept Howard Edward thinking, and inspired him. His thought process led him to the lyrics “some things just might take a while” – the line which became the title of the track.

Howard Edward then took this idea and presented it to Jimmy, and the deatiled creation process of the track began.

Much of the beat was made at home and it was kept minimal, as Howard Edward had decided to let the vocals carry the song, a task which is relatively simple when an accomplished vocalist is in the booth.

The track vocal recordings were done at the same time as the lyrics were being written, this was a helpful touch to allow the emotive feel of the track to become part of the writing and singing process.

Jimmy Nevis is someone who taps into the deep emotions of a track – “A lot of it is all about feel, and the recording of that feel in the vocals is vital. Jimmy knows how to tap into that, and did that during the recording process, itʼs always cool to be in the room for it”. – Howard Edward

As this writing and recording process went on, production elements were being added in which allowed the vocals space, but which also added to both the structure and themes in the song.

Once the process was coming to a close, final vocals were laid down!

For the Listener

The track starts out relaxed with a filtered guitar loop and Jimmy’s vocals sitting above a solid and upbeat tempo kick with a hi hat run. This interplay between guitar, the chord line and beat form a solid basis through which the track has the space to grown and evolve.

Small production changes were added slowly as the track builds to its first chorus, constantly adding touches and events but never becoming more complex than needed or overly produced.

The first chorus is a changeup, with an 808 in the bass line and Jimmy’s vocals playing in a medium and high register, bouncing between each other on lines like “Every step that you’re goin’ take”, showing off just a touch of the production elements that were added whilst the song was in it’s writing phase.

The track goes through some touching moments throughout, dropping back after the chorus with a beautiful vocal section, adding some fun elements, dropping right back and then building back to the next verse and chorus.

After this is a short break section with some fun vocal chops and slightly more complex drum patterns, leading back to the last chorus and a beautiful slow drop in complexity to the final cut.

This is a track that will have many a listener bopping their heads and singing along.

“We’ve worked really well together in the past on my last album and even on ‘Hey Jimmy’ and it was just an easy and simple experience working with Howard again. ‘Take a While’ is such a great track.” – Jimmy Nevis