Winners of South Africa’s first X-factor, FOUR, teamed up with a  duo called Acoustic element to produce and record at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town.

As mentioned above, Acoustic element, a musical duo consisting of violinist and guitarist, collaborated with FOUR, a group of singers, and featured them on a single. The producer of this project was Cosher.

Everything took place at Cosher Recording Studios, in Cape Town, from the production, to the songwriting,  arrangement, recording and mixing and mastering of the single.

Acoustic element tracked and recorded their instruments in the vocal booth at Cosher Studios by our sound engineers. After that,  producer Cosher added other music production elements, such as drums, synths and pads, etc… electronically to give the track a basic foundation for FOUR to sing on.

FOUR then proceeded to prepare and write lyrics to the track. After a few rough recordings, everyone brainstormed ideas on how to improve the track. Producer Cosher then improved the track through more editing, arranging and production elements.

Finally, FOUR’s vocals were recorded and the song was complete after mixing and mastering took place at Cosher Recording Studios, in Cape Town.

The chemistry in the studios was incredible and it clearly showed in the final product as the finished song came out extremely well.