Professional singer, songwriter and recording artist Evan Moon recently recorded his first Album at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town.

Earlier in the year Evan recorded his EP  and came back to the music studios to complete his latest project. His music has a unique pop sound with an alternative and indie twist accompanied by deep, thought provoking lyrics. Not only is Evan is a talented singer, he is also a gifted producer. The recording artist worked on the production and songwriting elements in his home studio, fine tuning everything and making sure everything was perfect and ready for the producers and sound engineers at Cosher Recording Studios.

When everything was finalised, Evan then came over 2 days to record his vocals. He worked with our Producer Cosher who produced his vocals. Evan is a pure professional and one of the hardest working artists in the industry. During the sessions he was extremely focused and concise without rushing any of his recordings. His work rate was phenomenal, and because he was well prepared, he managed to finish ahead of schedule, giving our producers more time to edit and mix and master the all of the tracks. It was a highly productive 2 days in the studio and all the songs exceeded Evan Moon’s expectations.

Keep an eye out for the release of his album 🙂