DSB’s new release, Closer, setting the bar for great house music once again.

Cape Town born and in-house producer at Cosher Recording Studios, DSB has released his latest single Closer from his soon to be released album Back to the Feature. Once again the singer & songwriter proves that solid musical integrity and production talent is an inherent part of the South African Industry.

DSB joined up with Cosher Studios in 2017 and has quickly become accustomed to the different styles and traits of the various artists who work with the recording studio regularly. His love of the more chilled side of electronic music is, however, still what influences him and his signature sound can be seen and felt with many of the productions which he has a hand in.  The consistent drive to add to his repertoire of styles and featured artists makes his upcoming album highly anticipated.

The piece itself is a mix of solid vocal hooks and relaxed chord work with a distinct Cape Town flavour. Once the initial intro section falls away to the drop, the music pushes towards a classic African styled instrumental with flowing synths and incredible guitar work, taking the listener to a tropical paradise. The main verse and chorus sections mix up the Kwela styles of days past with the post-modern chilled electronic beat, making for a relaxing but driving mix of old and new. In his inimitable style, the piece keeps moving forward with a certain kind of ease of listening which is a difficult yet rewarding way to produce.

DSB is a Cape Town born based producer, who started at age 15 and has decided to remain in the music industry to continue his passion. His music is a mix of very current sounds with touches of old school with influences from across the musical spectrum. His personal motto is “when the mind has no restrictions, magic happens”

Take a listen here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb51Pn-fwQY

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