DJ Cosher Releases his new single ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’, a dance cover of  the famous Toploader version.

If there is one song that can be said to be a memorable record, Dancing in the Moonlight, the song by King Harvest, could be said to be one of the most famous of these. The song was brought back into light again by the alternative rock band Toploader in the late 1990’s

Once again, a remix is coming out, this time from DJ Cosher, and it’s already been playlisted by KFM, in a turn of events which saw the track submitted and accepted in under 24hrs.

Here’s how it all happened.

The track was written originally for a different set of vocals by DJ Cosher and composer Ross Rowley over a weekend in early Jan of 2019, However, this was shelved for a short while to be worked on at a later time. After only a few weeks Cosher had decided that he was going to strip the original vocal ideas away and test the lyrics of the 1972 track to the newly produced beat.

With a short few early evening WhatsApp messages for testing and a conversation with various people in the know, DJ Cosher had decided on a vocalist, and went ahead setting up the recording session. Megan Strydom was selected as the vocalist for the task.

What set this track apart from most others, is the time in which it was accepted to be played on one of the Western Cape’s biggest Radio stations, KFM. It took under a day for the track to be playlisted, which is almost unheard of.

Kfm even did a short piece on it, in which they stated the timeline looking something like this:


  • On Monday evening (4 Feb 2019), DJ Cosher decided to record a remake of a song he’s always wanted to do
  • On Tuesday morning (5 Feb 2019), he sent the draft to the Coca-Cola Top40SA team for our feedback
  • The chart show team loved it so much they sent the draft to Kfm 94.5’s music compiler
  • She loved it so much she played it for the whole office
  • We told DJ Cosher
  • He then spent the next few hours mastering the track and then submitted the final version for playlisting
  • It was accepted immediately


This makes the track one of the fastest ever to be accepted to the station’s playlist.

For the listener, the track opens with a beautiful reverse vocal, which leads you directly in the lyrics from the original. At that point you know what the lyrics will do, but everything else feels new and different to what you’re used to, which may be why the track is so appealing, adding new life to something which most people grew up with.

DJ Cosher brings in his guitar line immediately on the verse, with piano slowly coming through and at the point of the buildup it then becomes a focal point of the rhythm. Small touches of strings dance around the buildup with the drop coming in with vocal chops engaging, driving beat.

The vocals sit perfectly in the mix, creating a warm and familiar feel which makes for very eat listening. Strydom also shows a range of vocal ability with airy feeling vocals to start and during verses, and full bodied warm tone during the buildups and drops, making for a all round pleasurable listening experience.

The track shows a particular style which has become part of DJ Cosher’s unique sound which can be seen throughout the latest set of singles which he has released from his upcoming Album, ‘Certified’.

The track can be heard here: