Cosher features Jimmy Nevis for his latest Single, ‘Think I Might’

Producer/DJ Cosher releases his latest single Think I Might featuring Cape Town’s own Jimmy Nevis.

Those of you who have been watching and listening to the releases from Cosher’s upcoming album Certified will be pleased to know that yet another hit is on the cards from the album.

This time Cosher teams up with one of Cape Town’s and South Africa’s biggest artists at the moment, Jimmy Nevis, who features on this new release titled Think I Might.

The writing process for the song started in Cosher Recording Studios with Cosher, Jimmy and Composer Ross Rowley screening through guitar samples to find the best starting point. It was decided that the song should be a mix of both Cosher’s latest uplifting and commercial dance sound (which is very inspired by international artists like Sigala), and the 70’s and 80’s pop and R&B style which is characteristic of Jimmy’s sound from his latest album Chimera. The verses would show off the “Jimmy Nevis” sound and style while the “Cosher” style would be represented in the choruses.

Once the chord structure and bass line was laid, Jimmy, spent some time writing lyrics while Cosher was focussing on structuring the track. Jimmy showed his typical lyrical prowess when he worked in the memorable line which became the namesake and focus for the song, which also served to create a perfect pre chorus link between the two distinct styles.

The lyrics which he wrote speak to the feeling of meeting someone for the first time and immediately feeling a strong connection, or being able to see someone who has been a friend for a long time from a completely different romantic perspective.

It’s uncommon for a track to be done in a day, but the same day that Jimmy came in to work on the track, he and Cosher stayed in studio and thanks to some serious inspiration giving them the drive to keep going, they had finished the majority of the track by the early hours of the next morning, leaving only the final mix and mastering to be done later that week by Cosher.

From the listeners point of view, the track begins with a mid range guitar riff, with some added side-chain compression, which also gives a little bit of an indication of tempo. Over this riff you can hear Jimmy’s voice soaring with a long reverb, which creates a beautiful spaciousness to the intro. The vocals come in with the bass, and throughout the first verse there is a distinct modern R&B feel, with halftime kick drum and reverb snares keeping the same open feel which is apparent in the intro.

Halfway through the verse however, there is a touch of dance chords which sit in the background. These have a slight delay effect on them, and they have affectionately come to be known in the studio as “the Deadmau5 chords” because of a similar instrument being used by the famous Canadian in many of his more progressive tracks.

This continues until the pre chorus mentioned earlier, which has a mix of 80’s inspired synth line, and Jimmy’s vocal line “I think I might love you”, which prepares the listener perfectly for the buildup, which has that same line mixed in with some light vocal chops, a high marimba style line and light piano chord line which shows that Sigala influence.

The first drop comes in with a mix of chopped vocal loops, a driving bass line with a commercial style dance beat giving it movement. Before it drops back into the second verse. The second drop subtly changes up the feel, adding a piano chord line with supporting bass line in the low end, and a touch more marimba style instruments running right on the top line. This creates consistency and uplifts the second half of the track, with the vocal loops that Cosher created from Jimmy’s original lines, keeping the main vocal line in the mind of the listener.

All told this track is set to be a success on the airwaves and dance-floors around the world

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