Cape Town’s Singer & songwriter Chad Saaiman releases ‘Recovery’ produced by Cosher Recording Studios’ very own producer Howard Edward.

His latest track is set to make an impact and is now available on all music platforms

The track is a very classical love story, speaking about someone in a dark and uncomfortable place, and how a little bit of love can help turn life around and put someone into a positive headspace, changing everything about the circumstances around them.

The track was laid down at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town with Howard Edward and composer Ross Rowley starting on a set of chords and basic idea of structure, after Chad had requested a new track. The two decided on a classic jazz chord base, which was to be tweaked at a later stage, and gives the track its unique feel and sound. Edward, always knowing what he wanted from the track, was quick to decide on certain rhythms and lines which he wanted to use as specific movements in the end product.

After this Howard Edward laid down his rhythm and beat and Rowley went on to throw in the bass line. Howard Edward then made tweaks to chords and bass lines until the track was ready for vocals.

Verses were written by Chad Saaiman. Once these were worked in, Choruses and hooks were played with between him and Howard Edward, until the track was ready to be recorded.

Various ideas were thrown around between producer and vocalist about building a bridge, and a beautiful vocal acapella was decided on which becomes a heartfelt and beautiful chorus and really brings home the story the track is trying to tell.

For the listener the track starts with a set off chords and Edward’s classic ‘He produced it’ hallmark. Chad Saaiman immediately comes in with clear, full – bodied vocals which run over a set of constantly moving chords and a solid but driving beat.

The pre-chorus sees Chad Saaiman going into a soaring top line, both smooth and warm on top of a choral backing. This is where some of the positivity starts to really come out in the lines that were written.

The Chorus is a positive and uplifting vocal line, with piano, strings and bass line accompanying vocal jumps which allow Chad  to show off just a little bit of his range and vocal capacity. This is mixed with small but audible elements moving in the background to round out the track and creates an easy listening, relaxed feel for the listener.

We are very proud to have worked with one of Cape Town’s best!

You can listen to the track here: