Wow! It has been a few crazy months at Cosher Recording studios, in Cape Town. From Producing music for some of Cape Town’s best musicians and artists, to recording Voice Over projects for corporate clients, to engineering and tracking bands and to creating Radio Hits with music producer Cosher. It’s been busy, but fun and exciting.

Today was a perfect example. All of our services and facilities were exploited, simultaneously.

The incredibly talented band, Dum Chang, have just started recording their EP in Studio A with engineer and producer Jonny Dose’. Earlier this year, Jonny Dose’ recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered and produced their single called Chopstix at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape town. We are all very excited to now record their debut EP over the next few days.

Meanwhile, in Studio B, Producer and Owner of our music studios, COSHER, has been producing original music for clients and for his own personal album.

And wait, there’s more…

A corporate Voice Over Recording also took place in Studio B, while Cosher was producing and while Dum Chang were recording in Studio A.

Now that’s what you call a productive day.

We look forward to continue working at this pace for the rest of the year at Cosher Studios in Cape Town!