After the success of the first competition held a few months ago, Cosher Recording Studios will be holding the next BTC.

Many aspiring artists don’t have the experience to record an album, many don’t have the funds to support their dreams and most haven’t even been in a professional recording studio before. Additionally, many professional, amazingly talented artists in South Africa struggle to make a living. The point is that there is so much hidden talent out there and we are aiming to tap into it. That’s why we came up with ‘BTC’ and the concept behind it is to provide up and coming musicians and artists a platform to showcase their talent. To give them a voice. The winners then have an opportunity to come into Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town and feature on our producer’s song which will be officially released. We are passionate about the South African Music Industry and by giving local artists this opportunity, we hope to help out in some way.

How to enter:

– Download the song via the Soundcloud or Dropbox link
– Record yourself rapping/singing over the beat
– Email your recording to
– Make the subject line “Beat the competition II”
– Whoever impresses us and beats the competition will win!


The winner will be invited to Cosher Recording Studios for a recording session, featuring on Howard Edward’s track. The single will then be officially released.