Last week we had the privilege of recording Seraphime’s album over 4 consecutive days at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town. Seraphime is a gospel choir band situated in Paarl, and they are made up of  13 members.

They decided to use our recording studio facilities with the aim of completing 8 songs. Cosher was the head music producer for the project and was accompanied by our sound engineer and band specialist, Jonny Dose’.

Day 1: For the first day of recording only the band members, the director of the choir, our producer and sound engineer came into Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town to set-up the musical instruments and to work on production. The band is comprised of 3 pianists and 1 drummer so the majority of that day was dedicated to setting up the drums. Jonny and Cosher spent a good amount of time with mic placement techniques and general sound while they tracked the drums. After the drums where  perfected, the drummer played and laid down the drums for each song. Mixing took place during the tracking process to make the mastering process easier at the end of the project. Cosher then proceeded to work on production with the 3 pianists. Most of the sections of the songs were tracked live through the keyboards while some parts were recorded through midi.

Day 2: This day was a very similar day to day 1, where all the band members plus a few of the choir singers came into Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town. Additionally, the music director, the producer and sound engineer were also present.  Most of the day was again dedicated to tracking the drums, production and setting up mics for the choir for the next day. Tracking and recording for the drums for all of the tracks were perfected and completed with a few touch-ups being done by our sound engineer and producer. The choir was also roughly recorded to prepare everyone for the next day.

Day 3: This day was all about recording and perfecting the vocals from the vocalists of the choir.  The band members and the whole choir came into Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town that day. The choir is comprised of 10 members so a lot of time and energy was spent on mic placements and techniques, including the actual placement of choir members themselves. After much discussion, and through a series of recorded tests, The musical director and producer decided to record the choir in the live room to get that “live” feeling from the choir. The vocal booth would’ve been to dead for this project. The vocals were recorded and roughly mixed by our producer and sound engineer.

Day 4: The final day was all about touch-ups, production and mixing and mastering. The whole seraphime gospel band came into Cosher Recording Studios based in Cape Town for the whole day. Our producer and sound engineer did all the final touch-ups in the morning and spent the rest of the day mixing and mastering the tracks. We ended the whole album recording project on the last day. The whole Seraphime team were extremely happy with the project and intend to record their second album here at the studios in the near future. We ended the day by hosting a braai to everyone involved.