February 6, 2017

Voice Over Recording in Cape Town, South Africa

Professional Voice Over Recording at Cosher Recording Studios: The voice over industry, like the music industry, seems to have become much easier to DIY, but both industries have also become infinitely harder to break into... without the right…
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January 30, 2017

What Went Down At Cosher Studios This Past Week

A jam-packed week ahead at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town. Starting with a mad Monday filled to the brim with talented artists of every nature.  Producer Cosher teamed up with the incredible Chad Saaiman on a new…
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NewsTips & Tricks
October 19, 2015

Band Recordings in Cape Town

Here are some band recording technique that we have noted over the past few weeks at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town. Recording with Ryan Kidwell Band:  Acoustic guitars : We used 2 Tul T12's microphones on the…
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Cosher Sessions
October 12, 2015

Mark Haze Band Live Video Recording

Check out the first video from the Live Cosher Sessions Series recorded at Cosher Recording Studios, in Cape Town Mark Haze and his band recorded live sessions from the 'Signs of Life' album. The first in the series is…
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Behind The Scenes
October 2, 2015

Behind The Scenes Footage of RAF at Cosher Recording Studios

Check out this awesome behind the scenes footage of Raf ft Jerain - 'Killing It' filmed at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town. Raf's latest trap/hip-hop single was recorded at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town by our sound engineer…
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September 18, 2015

Band Recording for Seraphime Album

Last week we had the privilege of recording Seraphime's album over 4 consecutive days at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town. Seraphime is a gospel choir band situated in Paarl, and they are made up of  13 members.…
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Tips & Tricks
August 4, 2015

Overcoming Writers Block

Here at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town, we get many artists who waste their time and money because they simply have a block either in composition, songwriting or singing. Luckily, our producer helps them out in the…
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Tips & Tricks
June 3, 2015

Recording Tips for Artists in the Studio

"Vocal recording is an art unto itself. Singing in a studio––surrounded by sound equipment, with no audience hearing you––is quite different from stage performance. The following expert tips are a distillation of over 20 years of the author’s…
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