2016 was quite surreal. Over the course of the year we met a whole range of artists, musicians, managers, singers, songwriters, rappers etc… within the music industry who walked through our doors at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town. There were definitely some characters but we were fortunate enough to say that the majority of our clients were incredible people. We have built amazing relationships with them which has been one of the main factors in the growth of our business. Not only are they incredible human beings but most of them are also extremely talented. Like seriously, the amount of amazing up and coming artists in Cape Town alone, is scary. South Africa’s future is in good hands, and one of those many hands making a statement in the industry is singer, songwriter and pop artist Amy Jones.

Amy Jones is a down to earth, bubbly artist full of positivity which comes through her songwriting. She has a great connection with producer Cosher and over the course of the year they have created a few singles. One of those singles, Sunrise, was released as her debut single and did relatively well across the airwaves in South Africa. They are currently working together on her latest single. Amy is incredibly talented and we are very happy to be working with her. She aims to be one of South Africa’s best female pop & RnB artists and we are very excited to help her along the way.