Singer & songwriter Westley Engelbrecht known as Acoustic Liquid spent the entire week recording his latest album at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town.

Westley writes his songs in English and Afrikaans and has a very prominent acoustic guitar feeling to his whole album, hence the name of his alias. His guitar playing skills are so good and varied that they are worth another blog post in itself (maybe one day). But seriously though, this guy is one of the best guitarists we’ve seen at the studios who can shred and serenade, or probably do both at the same time.

Acoustic Liquid  had been writing material for his album for a while and even did a demo quality recording. After reviewing the demo of the album and getting feedback and critique from friends and industry experts, Westley made the decision to record his album at Cosher Recording Studios to get the best ‘studio quality recording’.

The first day was spent entirely on setting up and recording the drums. Jonny Dose’, a producer and sound engineer specialising in bands, came into Cosher Studios to assist. Jonny is a perfectionist and is meticulous in how the drums are set-up, especially the microphones. After various microphone techniques, the drums were ready to be smashed by drummer Charlie Quinn.

The rest of the week was dedicated to recording guitars and Westley’s vocals. As previously mentioned, Westley recorded a demo version of the album, so besides a few changes, Westley was well prepared and managed to record 3-4 songs a day. After finishing all the recordings, the last 2 days were spent on editing, mixing and mastering. This job was made easier due to the microphone set-up and Westley’s tight performance.

Acoustic Liquid is currently preparing the launch of his album called ‘Road to Nowhere’ so stay tuned via all social media platforms.