One of South Africa’s rising stars, Acoustic Element, teamed up with one of South Africa’s best singers, Matthew Gold, and recorded a single at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town.

Acoustic element are a duo consisting of a violinist and guitarist while Matthew Gold is a prominent singer/songwriter/vocalist, so there was always going to be great synergy between the two. Acoustic element first came to our music studio to create a beat/backtrack with our producer Howard Edward. During those sessions they used the time for production and to record their pieces onto the track.

Matthew Gold then came into Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town, with Acoustic Element to brainstorm top line melodies, structure and lyrics of the song. There was an incredible atmosphere in the studios and a few ideas were recorded and tracked, however Matthew Gold had to leave for Johannesburg and will finish recording his vocals in his own studio. Once he is finished, the track will be sent back to us for final mix and master.

Keep an eye out for this song in the future.