Voiceover in the Post Covid World

Picture a training session in 2019, a few hundred employees in a room, the CEO speaking for a few hours on company ethos, or perhaps managers having a chat with people on the floor. This kind of meeting is one which has been happening less and less over the years.

The world has changed a lot since 2020. More than ever we’re seeing companies that are working remotely, and people who are communicating between themselves and their clients online. CEO’s have less time to come in and talk to people because they’re working to rebuild and recoup losses of the last 2 years. 

In this environment of online sharing and communication for corporate and businesses, 2 things have become very apparent. The first thing is that people are having to create brand awareness through different means.  Traditional marketing is becoming increasingly electronic. The second is that in order to communicate internal information, we’re having to reach out with more video based content and tutorials than ever before. 

This is where voice over is swiftly becoming an integral part of the day to day operations of companies and brands all across the world. Because fundamentally, the purpose of voice over is communication and Internally we know that voice overs can update, inform and teach employees company ethos, as well as giving them a sense of the brand’s strategies.

As things have changed to a more remote working environment, more and more apps have come about which require training, and if your company is based in multiple countries, you may find that you have people in different time zones. This means that a Zoom or Teams meeting isn’t always possible. Even in a situation where you operate in one time zone, physical meetings aren’t always convenient, so having a video or recorded audio you can send to clients or employees becomes the remedy. They can watch and listen without the need to physically come in to dial in at 3am in the morning.

Photo by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu on Unsplash

The second reason why voiceover is so important is of course, marketing.

The big issue facing many companies is how to get clients to hear about them, this has always been the case, but in a world where people are now more cautious about where they go and what they do, and for some, even if they go anywhere at all, it’s more important than ever to have a good marketing strategy that involves a voice artist who understands and communicates your brand in the way you want to be perceived. 

The greatest thing that can be granted to you by using voice over for digital content, is that you get to say things the way you want to, so it’s better for you in the long term, as it feels just like word of mouth, except you have the opportunity to make sure that additional information and facts about your brand become common knowledge amongst your preferred lead base. 

In short, Voice Over Recording for corporate purposes is a great and inexpensive way for companies and businesses to replace large meetings, teach and educate employees.

If you are a company looking to get corporate voice-over recording done, know what you are looking for in terms of what type of video or audio you need, and what type of voice you want those to be presented in. Once you have these, do your research and find a good voice with experience.

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