Voice Over Recording in Cape Town

Voice Over Recording at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town:
The voice over industry, like the music industry, seems to have become much easier to DIY, but both industries have also become infinitely harder to break into without the right techniques, facilities and experience. Voice overs might seem simple. Just place the artist in front of a mic and hit record! However, there are fundamental aspects that are needed for a high quality recording such as preparation, quality of the voice over artist, recording equipment, facilities, recording environment, the sound engineer, recording software and file management. Any one of these aspects that are slightly out of order will negatively affect the final product.

We at Cosher Studios like to view voice over recording as an art form and, like any art, needs to be nurtured and created by artists. You should never underestimate the value of a professional voice over artist, but still, having a good voice and personality can only take you so far, a professional recording studio is also needed.

If the voice over artist is the painter, the recording studio is responsible for the brush, paint and pallet.

The brush acts as the vessel to carry the paint to canvas. The paint is the colour that breathes life into the art and the pallet is where the most important decisions are made.

At Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town, we have all the tools to create a voice over masterpiece. Our brushes are our pro microphones, our paint is our industry-grade software and our pallets take the form of our experienced producers and sound engineers.

In our acoustically isolated vocal booths we have unprecedented access to the true body of the voice, giving our dry voice recordings a real edge over the rest. Our equipment focuses on capturing the unique personality of the voice over artist and our producers are very experienced in guiding the artists to get the greatest takes. They know how to achieve what is needed, according to the client’s specifications.

Cosher Recording Studios is the perfect choice for any voice over task:

  • We have professional, top of the range recording facilities and equipment including 3 vocal booths.
  • We have certified and experienced sound engineers who can record, track, edit, mix and master.
  • We have the T67 -Tul Microphone which is based on the Neumann U67 microphone (one of the world’s best vocal microphones).
  • Original music composition, stings and jingles can be made by our music producers.
  • We are efficient and have a quick turnaround time for voice over recording projects.
  • We have a database of voice over recording artists ranging in age, sex, race, experience and price, to meet our client’s needs and budget.
  • Our price is competitive and we are happy to provide discounts for bulk work.

For more information and bookings, please contact jake@cosherstudios.co.za or 087 802 6997

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