Backing Up The Importance of Voice Over

In previous blogs we’ve spoken about the importance of voice over for corporate and brand identity and touched on the areas that it can really help businesses grow, both internally and in terms of creating leads, that are interested in your product or service. But what about actually backing that up?

Well, we recently did a deep dive into the internet of things and found a few stats that are worth looking at when looking at voiceover more seriously for targeted ads and internal campaigns. . 

Customer Research 

According to the web hosting at, there are customer studios that have brought some interesting things to the fore in the last few years, especially given the volatile world markets post COVID19. This info was taken from Millward-Brown’s study on voiceover which stated this; “When supported by voiceover, the message was taken out at much higher levels”. 

The results were quite astounding, actually, with 44% engagement with an ad using voiceover versus 17% without. That’s a marked improvement!

Why Does it Matter?

Here’s what’s actually really interesting about the study done. When voice over is used in a context, people may enjoy the ad as much as they would with just visuals and music, however, (and here’s the kicker) they understood far more than they would with a purely visual ad. 

Voiceover has become so important that even giants like Youtube have begun using a global strategy of voice-only ads, meaning that if you aren’t on this trend you may miss out. If you watch TikTok videos and see how many use the standard apple voiceover, then you will know how much more effective videos are that use actual human voice, meaning the need for voice over is growing significantly.

Getting People to Engage

Because voice over allows more people to understand a message, there is a significant upward trend in engagement for those who are using it. Going back to the example of the youtube ads, there are 2 things said by the company that can make you see why –

 – 75% of audio Ads campaigns drove a significant lift in brand awareness

 – “ […]purchases consideration among interested shoppers, driving above benchmark lifts of 14 per cent lift in ad recall and 2 per cent lift in favorability among their target audience” as revealed by early Shutterfly in audio Ads to influence purchase consideration.

Another consideration to make is that in order to get a message across you may also consider using text, but as the study found out, there are limits to the characters you can use, and on top of that, screen space is already limited for visuals. 

Social Media Trends

Social Media trends for 2022 are showing a massive uptake in the use of voiceover as well. In a study done by Lemonligh, a Glasgow-based video creator agency, interest in videos on social media has increased since 2021, with a whopping 99% of people engaging more often, with companies that create video content. Over 76% of companies worldwide are engaging in video creation as a long-term strategy for creating brand awareness. This was a trend the internationally acclaimed inbound marketing agency, HubSpot, had already pinned as this decade’s fastest-moving trend, back in 2015. 

Now, if you add the stats above to this information, what you get is a long-term, lead creation strategy which involves good video and good voiceover combined, to make an easily accessible, relatable and understood message. The statistics are quite clear. 

What that Means for your Business in the Short, Medium and Long Term

In the short term, you really should be looking at voice over as a way to spread your message, and to get on it sooner rather than being a late adopter. There are already advertising agencies that are making voice and video a sustainable lead generation tool, especially when combined with the power of social media. The best part about it is that you won’t have to look at strategies to get people engaged and spend lots of capital on creating a flow of leads if the growth occurs naturally.

In the medium term, there is a better understanding of your offerings and services, meaning that more people will engage with your company and what you do. As the Lemonlight stats suggest, just creating the content you need means there is an almost 100% likelihood that people will start to engage through hearing your message when properly delivered, in a way which reflects your company ethos. Internally there may also be a shift in your company if you are sharing information which can be fed top to bottom with an easy-to-understand message. When internal information is better understood by your employees, it means that the corporate identity remains strong. 

And finally, the long-term effect is that you have a wider reach for your company. This is achieved through a solid company internally, a well-designed and delivered message, and a capacity to be easily seen and have a relatable message which resonates with your new and returning clients.

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