Available for use at Cosher Recording Studios, Cape Town, are a selection of microphones each with different capabilities and purposes. The AKG rhythm pack professional drum microphone set contains everything you need to professionally pick up a complete drum set. More than this, the microphones can be used for milking percussion, bass and guitar amps, brass, woodwinds and other instruments. Included in this set is the D112 with the well deserved reputation of the best kick drum microphone ever made.
Other microphones include a pair of AKG C1000S’s, Shure SM57’s and SM 58, a Rode NT2000 and the Avantone CV12

Microphone stands:

There are a large number and variety of stands for the microphones. These include 4 Samson MB1 short boom stands, 4 Hercules 335B Boom stands, a Gator Desktop stand, and a Gator Boom stand. Not to forget the upside down stand that suspends the vocal mic from the ceiling of the vocal booth.

Patch Bays:

The main patch bays in the live room have 20 inputs and 4 headphone outputs. Each channel input is connected to its respective channel on the mixing desk. A further 4 inputs and 2 headphone outputs are available in the vocal booth. With an optional extra 8 inputs that can be extended into the room which makes recording 12 channels at a time possible.

DI Box:

A Radial pro D2 Stereo Passive DI Box is used in the studio to balance any signal that needs it.