About The Gear

Mixing Desk:

The Allen and Heath QU-24 desk at Cosher Recording Studios, Cape Town, is a 24 channel digital mixing desk which has all the control any project might need. With a responsive touch screen, 25 motor faders and acc plainer AnalogiQ recallable preamps, this desk combines exceptional ease of use with class-leading audio performance.


KRK VXT 6 inch active monitoring speakers are regarded as the leaders in near-field flat response monitoring.

Midi Controller:

Roland Edirol PCR-500 midi controller.


Protools 11 is used by our Producer in the studio along with Native instruments Komplete 10, all on a Mac. Cuebase 5 is also available for use if needed and is used by our band sound engineer and producer at Cosher Recording Studios, Cape Town.


There is a 6 channel HeadAmp Pro, which sends 6 different headphone mixes to respective headphone outputs on the patch bays in the vocal booth and live rooms. There are 6 KRK 6400 professional studio headphones along with a number of extension cables. All 6 headphone mixes can also be listened to in the control room. The AKG K612 headphones are used for mixing.


The 4 channel DJ Controller called the Numark Mixtrack Quad is the perfect tool for DJ lessons or seamless DJ mixing. It can be mapped to be used with any DJ software, but in the studio it is used with Virtual DJ.

About The Room

Our air-conditioned room in Cosher Recording Studios, Cape Town, is completely sound treated with sealed glass windows between the control room and the adjoining rooms, with talk back facilitated for the engineer to communicate with anyone wearing headphones in either of the rooms.

Equipped with an Allen and Heath QU -24 digital mixing desk, a Roland PCR 500 midi controller, Protools 11 with Native Instruments’ Komplete 10 all linking to a Mac computer. There are 2 monitoring speakers, the KRK VXT 6 inch monitors, and the Meccer HY395 reference speakers. There are also a pair of mixing headphones, the AKG K612’s.

Comfort is important to us at Cosher Recoridng Studios, so sit back and relax on the white double seater leather couch, or find a spot on one of the many options of chairs. 2 office desk chairs are for the “important” people.